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    UK sales growth


    Average sales growth of UK ecommerce sites 2018

    UK sales growth


    Average sales growth of OUR ecommerce sites 2018

  • What is Brilliant eCommerce?

    The Platform
    Brilliant eCommerce is Enigma’s powerful, highly scalable and fully flexible eCommerce platform designed to deliver a competitive advantage for organisations looking to maximise their online sales.

    The Service
    Brilliant eCommerce is also an ‘approach’ – the means by which we develop market leading eCommerce sites for our clients – whether that be on the Brilliant eCommerce platform itself, or on other popular eCommerce platforms such as Magento 2

    Sites developed using this approach are purpose designed to suit each client’s specific needs, resulting in better customer experience and driving more effective sales growth.

    Brilliant Customer Experience
  • What is Brilliant eCommerce?

    Delivering a Brilliant
    Customer Experience

    Brilliant customer experience

    Customers buy from websites they like. That’s why we place huge emphasis on creating sites that deliver an exceptional customer experience.

    Everything from the way the site is designed to reflect your brand, to the features it includes to showcase your products in the best possible way, to the way the site adapts itself to suit the type of device the customer is using (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.) is all taken into account.

    We understand that a site that engages the customer better than the competition is the essential starting point for any business that wants to be successful online.

    Brilliant Features
  • What is Brilliant eCommerce?

    Brilliant Features

    Great features are a proven way of getting your site to stand out from the crowd.

    Core features like wishlists & favourites, super zoom, social sharing, sneaky peak, enhanced search & filtering, related & similar products, compare, reviews and clever product presentation - when done REALLY WELL - can help elevate your site above the competition and help make it the first port of call for customers.

    More advanced features like product personalisation & customisation, design online functionality, and “shop the look” can build on these to be real differentiators that give you your unique selling points.

    Brilliant eCommerce can do all this and more. It can even be extended to include very bespoke features that are absolutely unique and tailor-made for you.

    Brilliant Features
    Driving Growth
  • What is Brilliant eCommerce?

    Driving Growth

    Most eCommerce sites are looking to grow sales, and Brilliant eCommerce supports that in a number of ways.

    SEO & affiliate tools can help you get more traffic to your site. Promo codes, with optional integration into eMail marketing, is another strong way to generate new business growth.

    Price controls, promotions management and exceptional product presentation help you convert more of these visitors into sales.

    And to help evolve those first time customers into life time customers, loyalty schemes, vouchers and post-sale communications can all be included.

    Finally, usage tracking and KPI analysis can be used to help you constantly refine your offer to further sustain and improve growth

    Driving growth
    CMS & Systems Integration
  • What is Brilliant eCommerce?

    Back Office CMS &
    Systems Intergration

    Brilliant eCommerce is not just about delivering a fantastic customer experience, it’s also about making the back office processes you use to manage your online business easier and more productive.

    Advanced CMS functions such as user roles & permissions, workflow, embargo & expire, SEO tools, product groups, asset management, rules engines, data import / export, usage tracking, KPI analysis and so on, can all be incorporated and tailored to suit your particular processes.

    Likewise, Brilliant eCommerce sites can be fully integrated into systems you may have such as EPOS, order processing, CRMs, finance / accounts, production processes etc.

    Back Office CMS and Systems Integration
    Small Details = Big Impact
  • What is Brilliant eCommerce?

    Small Details =
    Big Impact

    Small details big impact

    The difference between a good eCommerce site and a GREAT eCommerce site is not in the big things, it’s in the details.

    Most sites can do all the basics well, so it’s getting the details right that wins you customers.

    And on the web, these small details can have a big impact. Experience shows that delivering an improved customer experience alone can more than double your sales, and improving the back office systems can double your efficiency.

    Want some ideas of the sort of details that could lead to sales growth or efficiency improvements on your site? Contact Us and we’ll make a few suggestions.

  • How Does
    it Work?

    Brilliant eCommerce is a constantly evolving digital platform. It provides best practice solutions for all the essential eCommerce functions, and a range of unique features designed to deliver a competitive edge.

    Crucially, because Brilliant eCommerce is not tied to an off the shelf CMS, all these functions are fully flexible and can be adapted and extended to suit the very specific needs of each individual site we create.

    This allows us to work with you to design and build an eCommerce presence that is completely in tune with the needs of you and your customers. And because we don’t have to compromise what we do to fit the system it’s being built with, we’re free to create you something that is particularly special and unique to you.

    This results in a better customer experience, which in turn delivers more sales.

    How does it work
    Designing The Best Site For You
  • How does it work?

    Designing The
    Best Site For You

    Every online business is different, so the best eCommerce website for you probably isn’t going to be the same as the best eCommerce website for someone else.

    That’s why the Brilliant eCommerce approach is so effective.

    It allows us to design and build an online presence with associated back office systems that is perfectly in tune with your business and your objectives. A site that will take advantage of the opportunities and benefits you have, and will present you in the very best possible way to your customers.

    And it's this attention to detail that that makes the difference to the bottom line. By making sure that your site plays to all of your strengths we maximise the chances of you being successful.

    Designing The Best Site For You
    Collaborative Approach
  • How does it work?


    Collaborative Approach

    At Enigma, we take a very collaborative approach to developing projects. Before we start offering proactive advice on how your site could be developed, we take the time to listen to what you’re trying to achieve and what your vision and objectives are for your online business.

    We’ll then work with you to design a site that can realise those objectives. We’ll analyse what feature mix would provide the best possible customer experience; develop design treatments that best convey your brand values; understand the processes you go through to manage your site and design a back office CMS and order processing system that provides the most efficient answer to this.

    Results Driven
  • How does it work?

    Results Driven

    The best eCommerce websites we create are driven by the need to achieve certain results - to increase sales, improve conversation rates, grow returning customers, or simply make the site more efficient to manage.

    Whatever your goals, we can use the Brilliant eCommerce platform to deliver a solution to achieve them.

    Results Driven
  • Who's
    it for?

    If you’re looking to grow sales online, establish a market leading eCommerce presence, or improve the efficiency with which you manage your site, then chances are we can help you achieve that.

    eCommerce sites we create using the Brilliant eCommerce platform typically deliver an immediate uplift in sales, can be integrated into your processes and systems, and usually provide a significant return on investment within months rather than years.

  • A Bit
    About Us...

    Enigma is a digital development agency specialising in the design and build of highly effective eCommerce, web, mobile and bespoke software solutions.

    We work with our clients to create websites and digital systems that consistently out-perform the competition.

    We’re been ranked one of Top 5 Digital Agencies in the UK and have won numerous awards for our work.

    Who We Work With...
  • A bit about us...

    Who we
    Work with...

    Our clients are drawn from throughout the UK and range from major brands to ambitious independents…

    BAE Systems
    Carlisle Brass
    Education Umbrella
    Leeds Museums and Galleries
    Northern Powergrid
    Northumbrian Water
    Rowlands Pharmacy
    The Open University
    The Pen Shop
    Western Power Distribution
    Our Team...
  • A bit about us...

    Our Team...

    We have an in-house team of 40 developers, designers, software engineers, producers and marketers.

    This team combines innovative ideas, great design and cutting edge software development to deliver exceptional results every time.


    We’re a friendly bunch, and like nothing more than working with a new client to help them achieve their goals.

    We love digital, and we harness that passion and our extensive experience in every project we undertake.

    We have offices in Newcastle and London.

    Our Approach...
  • A bit about us...


    Our aim is to get you the very best eCommerce website. We’ll work closely with you to understand your objectives, and provide knowledgeable advice on how these can best be achieved.

    Each project will be led by an experienced Producer. They will take ownership of your vision for your project and manage its production from start to finish.

    They will lead an experienced production team who will design, build, test and deploy your site.

    Throughout the whole process we’ll keep you fully involved to ensure that the end product achieves every single one of your objectives.

  • A bit about us...


    Digital Census Top 5 Agency
    Independent Agencies Census Top 5 Agency
    Independent Agencies Census UK Top 3 Customer Service
    RAR Top 100 Agency
    RAR+ Digital Awards Finialist - eCommerce
    Digital Entrepeneur Awards eCommerce Developer of the Year Finalist
    More Info...
  • A bit about us...

    More Info...

    If you’ve got a digital project that you think we could help with, we’d love to hear from you.

    Please contact us or visit our main website at www.enigma-interactive.co.uk

    Quayside Studios // 8-10 Close //
    Newcastle upon Tyne // NE1 3RE // England
    t: +44 (0)191 261 2991

    Holden House // 57 Rathbone Place //
    London // W1T 1JU // England
    t: +44 (0)20 7183 5738

  • Why
    Choose us?

    We created Brilliant eCommerce to help our clients maximise their online presence, and its working:

    In 2018, our main eCommerce clients collectively grew sales at 3 x the UK average (33% growth v 10% average).

    Likewise for 2017.

    And for 2016.

    So if you want to work with a friendly, creative developer, with a proven track record of delivering market leading eCommerce systems for clients big and small, then we’d love to hear from you.

    Why choose us?
  • Tips & Techniques...

    Want some practical ideas for how you can improve the effectiveness of your eCommerce presence?

    We’ve produced a book containing 24 tips based on the techniques we employ as part of our Brilliant eCommerce approach, and you can download a free ebook version of this just by filling in the form on this page.

    Here’s what’s included:

    • 24 eCommerce tips from one of the UK’s top digital agencies
    • Practical examples that have helped our clients consistently grow sales at more than 3 x the UK average
    • Best practice compiled by our award winning team of experts
    • Complete ebook in a handy PDF format for you to keep

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